A film by Justin P. Wayoro
The story unfolds when an elder woman who has Alzheimer disease encounters a young lady who plans to rob her in her residence. The incident gets interesting when the young lady gets confronted by the owner of the home during the robbery.   The elder woman shares some thoughtful lesson to the young lady that would ultimately forever change her life.

36 Months

A film by Justin P. Wayoro
JOYCE who is a struggling young lady and hypersensitivity to rejection and criticism decides to isolate herself from everyone. Growing up, she was emotional neglected by both parents. She wants to seek for help but avoids social interaction for fear of being ridiculed, humiliated, rejected or disliked by her friends and family. She seeks her inner strength to see if she would be able to overcome her struggle which ultimately cost her life.

Greatness has no age

A Commercial Spec by Justin P. Wayoro
A young athlete trains hard to become as competitive as his idol. They both train faster and faster as the workout gets intense. The little boy shows no sign of stopping and soon becomes more competitive than his idol he grew up admiring.

Buy The Hour

A film by Justin P. Wayoro
Father gets very busy at work and realizes the most important thing in his life is spending quality time with his family. His daughters go out of their way to find a solution to spend quality time with their father despite of his busy schedule.