Feature Films

Discovering Our Mothers

A documentary film by Justin P. Wayoro
The film “Discovering Ours Mothers” is a full length documentary depicting the importance that a mother has, not only on her children but also upon who they become in society. The film showcases the communion of extraordinary and powerful women throughout the country.

El Sembrador

A film by Justin P. Wayoro
JAVIER HERNANDEZ who is a illegal immigrant is trying to find a pathway to citizenship by volunteering for a congressman who represents the district he lives in. After finding out he was listed for deportation, he avoids being captured by the authorities to see if he can seek help from the congressman. 

Marsh Mellow

A film by Justin P. Wayoro
MARSHALL MELLOW who is an unemployed man struggling to find a job, his mother connects him with a minister who barely speaks English.  to see if he can show from overseas who aims to help him find a decent job. Allot of things go wrong as they both discover ways to find a solution. 

Following Vicktoria

A film by Justin P. Wayoro
A story of a remarkable artist name VICTOR who has eye disease which cost him his vision. He painted beautiful pictures to show his affections to a young lady he encountered at a restaurant. He creates beautiful paintings for her to help her get through life during hard times. 

My Perfect Gentleman

A film by Justin Wayoro
Learn how one man who is an American business magnate and one of the wealthiest men in town ends up in the streets where he made a decision that cost his career, business, and wealth. He struggles to find a way out because living in the streets almost cost his life. He humbles himself as he meets others on the way who constantly challenges his integrity as a man. He learns valuable lessons that had him restored to an even better condition than his former wealthy state.