Filmmaker to start new production company in Santa Barbara / Ventura County

Justin P. Wayoro is a Writer & Director whose film production company  has delivered eye opening content within the faith community, music & culture.

Having studied graphic design, Wayoro began a career spanning several renowned brand agencies in Hollywood, working with a host of big brand advertisers.

Over the past 10 years he has directed and produced a huge range of high end brand content, commercials and promo campaigns for businesses in the region.

Following a ten year stint in DC Metropolitan area, he relocated to Santa Barbara/Ventura County to direct a wide variety of spots including work for the Y, Fox Sports network , as well as a raft of retail work.

His style is cinematic, produce soft and beautiful visuals and enjoys experimenting with light and colour.

He likes to capture the imperfections in peoples’ behaviour and dialogue. Mr. Wayoro believes that everyone has a great story to tell.

“Instead of pursuing dreams elsewhere,” Wayoro said, “I decided to explore the unknown and reinvest my time and resources into growing an infrastructure that will sustain filmmaking here in Ventura County.”

Lights! Camera! Jesus!

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